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A place steeped in history

A bit of history...

The Château de Logne site was first mentioned back in the 16th century. It became the property of the Guerschin family from the 18th century.  There are still coats of arms and tombstones of the various owners in the chapel.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Château de Logne passed into the hands of Nicolas Damas Marchand, Baron d'Empire who completely remodeled it in 1842.

The chapel was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style in 1867, and the castle as well as the north and south wings were again remodeled at the beginning of the 20th century.

The property was used as a military hospital by the germans during the second world war.

Heavily damaged by the bombardments of November 1944,

the castle was restored to its current version in 1949.

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This elevated site has always been a strategic point, through which the Roman road passed. It was subsequently fortified, forming part of the Duchy of Luxembourg in the 16th century.


In 1668 François-Regnault Ottringer paid homage to the King of France, because of the Duchy of Luxembourg to which the seigniory belonged, for his "seigneurial house enclosed by walls", and Jean-Philippe de Guerschin did the same in 1736.  

The Château de Logne has since lost its fortifications, and entered 1812 in the communal ban of Rurange-les-Thionville-Montrequienne, whose southern geographical limit is at the level of the small stream which flows below.

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